Robbinsdale Area Schools

Positive Attendance

Positive Attendance is an important indicator of educational success. As parents, your partnership is critical. We want to work with you to solve any problems, barriers, or concerns you or your student have so that they can attend school regularly. If you need additional help, please contact our School Social Worker, Cheryl Retka, at #763-504-8390.

Please leave a message on the FAIR Pilgrim Lane Attendance Line #763-504-8410 for each and every day your student is out of school, even if the absence is due to your student's Bus being cancelled; otherwise, the school is not aware and the absences are counted as Unexcused. It is also important for our school nurse to know if a student is out ill or is out due to COVID protocols. Missing school due to family vacations must be pre-approved by a Principal. 

The Attendance Line is open 24 hours a day, even through the weekends. If you forgot to call to excuse your student, you can leave a message with their name and the dates you remember them being absent.

Due to the increase in student absences, we will be mailing Parents out 9-Day letters, if your student has been out of school 9 days or more, that include excused and unexcused absences. It is a letter just to assist parents in understanding the amount of school days their student has missed, for your information. 

Thank You,

Randy Moberg, Principal