Robbinsdale Area Schools

Pilgrim Lane Community Garden

The garden space is starting to take shape!  If you happened to be around the building this past week you will have noticed out the west side of the building (right outside the media center windows) turf has been removed and stabilization fabric has been laid.  This is the first step toward creating a community garden space for our students to tend to. 

In the coming weeks raised beds will be built and filled with dirt, benches will be installed, a living hedge of beautiful Red Osier Dogwood will be planted, a native pollinator garden will be installed and an Arbor created by a local artist will be built at the entrance. 

You may ask where the funding is coming from.  Spring of 2019, a group of parents set forth to create this space and applied for numerous grants.  We have received two national grants and one state grant for this space.  The Budding Botanist grant has been set aside for classroom supplies. The Lorie Otts Native Grant is specifically for our Native Pollinator Garden Area. 

In this space, we will be reintroducing species that once grew in our region but have been forced out due to economic development. Our last grant is coming from the Minnesota Department of Agriculture. This grant funds our entire project from the soil up. We have built enough raised beds for every class to enjoy their own space to plant flower beds, veggies, herbs, and possibly grains to be harvested. The possibilities are endless!