Robbinsdale Area Schools

IMPORTANT: Changes to notifying families about late or canceled bus routes beginning Dec.10 through Dec. 17

Robbinsdale Area Schools is making short-term changes to the way we will notify families about late or canceled bus routes beginning Dec.10 through Dec. 17.

To ensure a smooth transition of rerouting buses on Jan. 3, we need to begin making updates in our student information system starting Friday, Dec. 10. This means we will not be able to use Infinite Campus or the Durham Bus app to notify families of late or canceled buses during this time.

During this time, we will post all cancellations on, school websites and social media. Please check your school’s website daily to receive important busing information. If there is a cancellation, school websites will be updated by 6 a.m.  

Notification Process

  • If we know that drivers will be absent during the week of Dec. 13, we will notify families of the cancellation of those bus routes this week.

  • If a driver unexpectedly calls out of work beginning Friday, Dec. 10 and through Friday, Dec. 17 we will notify families by posting information on, school websites and social media as soon as possible.

Please make sure your students are appropriately dressed for the winter weather. If they are at their bus stop and if the bus hasn’t arrived 10 minutes after its scheduled time, please tell them they should go home. Parents should notify their child’s school.

If the student does not have a way to get to school, families should call the attendance line to report their absence -- which will be excused. 

We know this is not an ideal situation, especially given the cold, wintry elements students can experience at the bus stop this time of year. We will do our best to communicate bus cancellations as quickly as possible.

We appreciate all you have done to help get your students to school and we appreciate your help and patience in helping us set up the new transportation system which will transport many more students every day.