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Testing Information

FastBridge Reading and Mathematics Assessment Overview

FastBridge combines Computer-Adaptive Tests (CAT) and Curriculum-Based Measures (CBM) for universal screening and progress monitoring while delivering psychometrically valid data. Bolster student learning across reading, math, and social-emotional behavior with timely, targeted supports and insights.

Student Assessment Dates for 2023-24:

  Fall Winter Spring
Kindergarten and Grade 1 September 5 - 29 December 11 - January 19 April 29 - May 17
Grade 2 - Grade 5 September 11 - 29 December 11 - January 19 April 29 - May 17


FastBridge mySAEBRs Overview

SEB plays a key role in all students’ achievement. Students’ social skills and behaviors are directly linked to their ability to learn and succeed in school. This includes: • The presence of skills that help students successfully learn and relate to others • The absence of behaviors that can cause barriers to learning and developing healthy relationships

mySAEBRS English is a brief and contextually relevant self-rating of student risk for social, emotional and behavioral problems. The screener is comprised of 20 items, each of which relates to a broad scale (Total Behavior) and three subscales: Social Behavior (7 items), Academic Behavior (6 items), and Emotional Behavior (7 items). In accordance with the principles of prevention science, each scale corresponds to various risk and protective factors suggested by developmental psychology research to predict the development of social emotional and behavioral disorders.

  Fall Winter Spring
Grades 2 - 5 September 26 - October 18 January 23 - February 9 April 29 - May 17



The Minnesota Comprehensive Assessment (MCA), is a criterion-referenced assessment, which means it measures learning of a pre-determined set of criteria: the Minnesota K-12 Academic Standards. The MCA is used to evaluate equitable implementation of the standards in schools and districts across the state.

  Reading Mathematics Science
Grade 3 - 5 April 16 - 18 April 23 - 25  
Grade 5 Only     April 30 - May 2



Robbinsdale Area Schools will conduct a student opinion survey with students in grade four through twelve between February and March of 2023.

The purpose of this survey is to gain the perspective of students on issues related to their sense of belonging in school and their impressions of teacher expectations, diversity, school safety and fair discipline. 

The survey, which is completed online, takes about 25 minutes for students to complete and is confidential (individual students will not be identifiable when results are reported). Families will be notified with additional survey details prior to administration.

Grade 4 February 28
Grades 5 February 29



In addition to the standards-based accountability assessments, ESSA and Minnesota Statutes, section 124D.59, require all English learners (ELs) be assessed in grades K–12 in English language proficiency. ACCESS for ELs (ACCESS) and Alternate ACCESS for ELLs (Alternate ACCESS) are used to meet this federal requirement. These assessments are developed by the multi-state WIDA Consortium.

Who takes the ACCESS for ELLs vs Alternate ACCESS for ELLs?

Most EL students take the ACCESS, but EL students who receive special education services and meet the participation criteria may take the Alternate ACCESS. The primary purpose of the English language proficiency accountability assessments is to progress towards meeting the WIDA English Language Development Standards. For more information about ACCESS and Alternate ACESS, please visit WIDA ACCESS for ELLs Online

Kindergarten - Grade 5 January 29 - March 22