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Stages Theater

We are thrilled that Pilgrim Lane Elementary is partnering with Stages Theatre Company to continue bring an exciting and enriching theater experience to our students. As part of our commitment to providing a well-rounded education, we believe that the performing arts play a crucial role in nurturing creativity, confidence, and collaboration skills. We are delighted to offer this unique opportunity to our students.

About Stages Theatre Company: Stages Theatre Company is a renowned professional theater organization dedicated to creating high-quality productions for young audiences. With their expertise in theater arts education, they will be working closely with our students to provide a comprehensive theater program.

Theater Workshops and Classes: Throughout the school year, Stages Theatre Company will conduct theater workshops and classes at Pilgrim Lane Elementary in a co-teaching model with the classroom teacher. These workshops will focus on various aspects of theater, including acting, improvisation, stagecraft, and storytelling. Students will have the opportunity to explore their creativity, enhance their performance skills, and develop a deep appreciation for the performing arts.

School-wide Productions: As the partnership progresses, we are excited to announce that Pilgrim Lane Elementary will be hosting a school-wide production in collaboration with Stages Theatre Company. Students will have the chance to showcase their talent on stage. Parents will be invited to watch their child in a grade level production.

The Big Show: To celebrate the culmination of our theater program, Pilgrim Lane Elementary Grade 4 students will participate in the "Big Show" at FAIR Crystal. This will include a live performance in collaboration with the Stages staff and instructors. It will be an opportunity for families and the community to come together, enjoy the arts, and support our talented students.

Parent Involvement: We highly value the involvement of parents and guardians in our theater program. There will be opportunities for parent volunteers to assist with workshops, rehearsals, and the community fair. We encourage you to join us in creating a memorable and impactful theater experience for our students.

Important Dates: Please mark the following dates on your calendar:

  • Grade Level Performances: Parents will be informed through a newsletter 
  • Grade 4 School-wide Production: May 10, 2023

We are incredibly excited about this partnership with Stages Theatre Company and the opportunities it will provide for our students. We believe that the performing arts can inspire creativity, foster self-confidence, and ignite a passion for lifelong learning. We look forward to a remarkable year filled with artistic exploration and unforgettable performances.


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